Paintier Wholesale Information

If you are a retailer or distributor interested in carrying our products, Paintier Products LLC would like to hear from you. We are a new company with what we believe is an innovative and useful product that fills a unsatisfied niche in the craft and hobby market. Your customers want more workspace and a means to store and organize all those little jars, bottles, and pots bought in your store. Paintier will give it to them.

We have sold thousands of our Paintier carrousels all over the United States and globally to wide variety of customers. To date, this has been done through a relatively small number of distributors, retailers, and direct sales. Plenty of opportunity exists for new resellers. Furthermore, we need evangelists like you that can recognize what we have to offer and help spread the word. We're betting that you just may help your bottom line a little bit as well.

Some retailers have found that packaging our paint organizer with related products is a valuable marketing tool that increases overall sales. For instance, offering a discount on our organizer if a minimum level of craft and hobby paint is purchased or bundling Paintier organizers with a specific paint brand promotion

Paintier Wholesale Support

Painter Products LLC supports our retailers and distributors and want to see them succeed in selling our product. To that end, we offer several features that will believe helps retailers and distributors to try our products with little risk.

Wholesale Qualification

Painter Products LLC simply wants to know that you are a legitimate reseller of craft and hobby products. Please provide reasonable proof of such on your initial order. We may run a credit check on your business or require prepayment on your first order at our discretion.

Standard Wholesale Terms
(unless otherwise specified)

Retailer Level Discount 42% off MSRP

Distributor Level Discount 58% off MSRP

International Wholesale Terms

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