Paintier Products LLC is always looking for new markets and creative way to use our organizers. Below is a list of "out of the box" suggestions thought of by ourselves or suggested by our customers. We would like to hear from you if you have any creative ideas of your own.

Paintier Tricks and Tips

  1. For a simple and cheap cover for a Paintier 80 using the option one assembly, use an empty popcorn tin. The large common popcorn tins fit the organizer perfectly. Besides, it's fun getting the popcorn out.
  2. For those with large paint collections, set two or more Paintiers together on your workbench with the sides touching. When you spin one, they all move like gears. This lets you see all your paints with one turning motion.
  3. Paint colored dabs on the sides of the tray to indicate where each color goes.
  4. Have a lot of prescription drugs? A Paintier 40 work great in the bathroom too!
  5. Use empty plastic 35mm film canisters to mix and store paint in.
  6. Decorate the edges of your trays. You're a painter after all. This is one exception to the, "if it don't move, paint it" rule.
  7. Drill more holes in the top for more brushes or other odd things.
  8. It can always be a spice rack. In fact, if we don't keep selling these, it's what all our relatives are getting for Christmas.
  9. Store your Mage Knight or Hero Clix figures in it.
  10. Use it to place your adventure gaming figures in. It makes a great way for the GM to find figures fast during a game.

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