Custom Units

Paintier Products LLC can build custom five or six level units and/or provide different tier spacing than the standard units. Please inquire about your specific needs.


If you have lost your instructions or are missing them, these PDF files can show you the parts lists and how to assemble your unit.

  • Paintier 40 Instructions
  • Paintier 80 Instructions

  • Parts

    On occasion, our customers need some of the bits that make up our product. One customer found out (quite by accident) that our plastic trays evidently make tasty snacks and provide hours of chewing fun for the family pooch. While using our Paintier trays as dog treats is not recommended, we are happy to help if you encounter any misfortune with our product. Also on extremely rare occasions, a packaged unit may be missing a part. While we try very, very, hard not have this happen, sometimes we do slip up.

    If you do find that you need a replacement part or have a missing part, please reference the part numbers on the instruction sheet and let us know what you're lacking. For replacement parts, we will contact you back with the specific cost information. For missing parts, we will apologize prolifically and quickly send out any missing items. In both cases, please provide your shipping and contact information.

    Please contact Dave at for inquires on all the above.

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